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The Vision

Joe is extremely passionate about building! He believes the success and failure of daily living, ministry, business, or careers is directly related to building! Joe empowers people from all walks of life, through Building Blocks” because he understands the “BIG PICTURE” and believes in the untapped potential of every individual, group, ministry, or business that his path crosses.

The Person

Joseph D. Benberry was born in Paducah Kentucky. Joe is married and has three adult children and one grandson. He earned Associates Degrees from both The Community College of the Air Force and Western Kentucky Community and Technical College where he completed Associate Degree Nursing (AND) and became a licensed Registered Nurse (RN). He continued his education at Murray State University completing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program. Joe took postgraduate courses at University of Missouri in administration and leadership & mental health. He has also completed over 60 hours of seminary training at Payne Theological Seminary with an emphasis in theology and church growth.

The Professional

Joseph D. Benberry RN, BSN served countless people as Behavior Health RN. He showed superior leadership as Nurse Manager, managing multiple sites and hundreds of people, which lead to his promotion to Associate Chief Nurse for the Department of Veterans Affairs. In this role he provided vision, direction, and tenacity for the medical facilities medical and surgical department. He proudly served in the United States Air force as enlisted personnel and worked to receive his commission an U.S. Air Force Officer. His 2004 military deployment Iraq as a medic is among his most memorable accomplishments, where he received the numerous service awards.

The Public

Joe has served on countless community boards and organizations. He served City of Paducah Board of Adjustments, Paducah Planning Commission, The United Way Executive Board, The Kentucky Board of Nursing Ethics Committee and The Massac and Pope County Recovery Committee, which provided new homes for over 18 families in 2 years, to name a few.

The Pastor

Pastor Benberry was called to serve Mt. Horeb, located in Metropolis IL in 2011. Under his leadership the people have become “Contagious for Christ” and the church has adopted a “Spirit of renewal and revival”. The church has grown numerically and the people have grown spiritually. Through his leadership the people and church continuously look for ways to serve the community, create better lives all people, and work to leave great legacies for all that will follow.
To know Joe is to know he has a sincere heart for God, people, and building!

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